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24 Hour Museum

Too many "gateway" websites fail to live up to expectations. Here is one that not only achieves its aim - to enhance public access to non profit-making museums, galleries and historic sites in the UK - but goes well beyond it, by providing a set of imaginative, skilfully-constructed resources.

Created by Campaign for Museums, the site provides an easy-to-use directory to more than 2,000 locations. There's a "clickable" map for people in a hurry, and links to those museuims and galleries with their own websites.

This is extremely useful - but the real fun begins with the extras. Online museum trails, a "Young Museum 24" area, even a "start your own museum" resource pack. If this site is setting the standard for National Grid for Learning resources, then we're in for some fun.

The UK Street Map Page

At the risk of sounding like a complete Net bore, I'd say this is one of those many sites that make the whole thing seem worth the bother.

OK, you can buy yourself a decent road atlas - but if you keep this little rascal conveniently bookmarked, then you should never be more than a few clicks away from a map of precisely the bit of Leeds or Lewisham you need to visit.

Better still, click on the London area maps, and zoom in for a closer view. In theory, you should be able to keep clicking until a cigarette butt on an Oxford Street pavement fills your screen. Not yet, but when?

Bill Hicks

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