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BBC WebWise.

You don't have to be a Web virgin to enter this site, and even seasoned surfers should find it a rewarding experience.

Although it's a centre-piece of BBC Education's campaign to persuade computer-shy adults to wise up to the Web, this site has been around for a while, and will be online long after the six-week burst of TV and radio activity is over.

For beginners, there's practical instruction in navigation techniques in the "Net-Basics". Move up into "Net-Know-How" and there's plenty more detailed advice, on searching, for example. This is where old hands can develop their skills and learn exactly what they've been doing wrong all these years.

There's also a good glossary, an excellent problem page, and, in "Net-Cetera", articles on topical Net issues.

Pinakes: A subject launch pad. irnpinakespinakes.html@.

about A frequent complaint about the Web is that so many sites offer little more than lists of links to other sites, which offer more links, and so on. Proliferation of so-called "portal" sites has been particulary rife in the academic world: they tend to be extremelyuseful, or hopeless.

Pinakes, named after the catalague of the Lib-rary of Alexandria, is an academic "portal of portals", providing one-click access to the best subject-specific website directories. It is simple to use, lucid and, origin-ating from Herriott-Watt University, pays atten-tion to the needs of the teaching community this side of the Atlantic.

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