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Chemsoc: visual elements.

Chemistry, a dull subject? Not any more. The Royal Society of Chemistry has commissioned artists, designers and writers to create this stunning online version of Mendeleev's Periodic Table of the elements.

This table is a patchwork of 109 vivid images, one for each of the elements. Each is based on an artist's interpretation of the element's properties and associations, often incorporating alchemical symbols.

The site also offers virtual tours of a series of 16 "Periodic landscapes", 3-D animations of what appear to be imaginary worlds - but which are mapped from the ionisation properties of the elements.

Stomp: percussion for kids. www.stomponline.compercuss1.html

Stomp is a percussion-based show started by two buskers from Brighton, which took the Edinburgh festival by storm in 1991 then went to America and became a theatrical hot property.

The show is based on the premise that virtually any object, if struck, or scraped, or blown into, can become a musical instrument.

Stomp uses its website to propagate this approach to music-making. The "Percussion for kids" section is packed with ideas for exploring the sonic universe. There are lesson plans and activity sheets which encourage children to extract interesting noises from unlikely materials and also manage to impart a fair amount of basic acoustics.

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