Site seers http:www.funbrain.comindex.html.

This Web site is bursting with fun and games for younger children. Its imaginative exercises will appeal to most kids (and some adults) and can be played at varying levels of difficulty.

So win the Grammar Gorillas a whole bunch of bananas by clicking on the right part of a sentence (noun, verb).

If you would rather learn to play the piano, then join Pianomus Platypus on his virtual piano. Kids are taught to read music by showing them a note and getting them to click on the corresponding key on the piano.

No time to do all your marking? Then enter the Quiz Lab which allows teachers to create quizzes for pupils.

It is an American site, so there are drawbacks - such as the cash register game which counts change in dollars and cents. However, there is no reason why British pupils cannot get as much out of this site as their American counterparts.

Math Baseball proves this. American pupils may relate more easily to this at first, but you certainly do not need a knowledge of baseball to test your multiplication skills.

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