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National Curriculum for England Online. Here it is at last, after years of debate, deliberation, and consultation - the definitive version of the revised national curriculum for England, delivered straight to your PC through the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and DFEE.

The site dishes up the full text of the revised curriculum handbooks in a form which allows users to get straight to the required subject, section and key stage. Each subject is colour-coded - though first-time users have to guess at the meaning of the 12 blobs of colour on the home page.

So, if you need to know which pre-1914 poets will still be "in" for English come September 2000, or at which stage in PSHE pupils should be taught about the importance of marriage, this is the site to visit.

The QCA is eager to make it more useful for teachers, parents and pupils, and is thinking of adding curriculum-relevant links. Your opinions will count, so remember to use the feedback button.

Nature Power: Energy in motion.

New to the Greenpeace site is this cross-curricular programme about energy and the environment for key stages 2 and 3 study.

It's a neatly packaged resource: a short movie about wave, wind and solar power, and sets of downloadable activity sheets and notes for pupils and teachers.

Greenpeace campaigns for the use of renewable energy sources but, in this area at least, adopts a tone of BBC-like impartiality.

Bill Hicks

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