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SCHOOLS DEMINING SCHOOLS. www.un.orgPubsCyberSchoolBusbanminesindex.html.

This United Nations project is designed to help schools follow the work of those trying to remove landmines which threaten children around the world.

In particular, this campaign seeks to remove landmines from school grounds which in the course of wars have been used as minefields.

This project focuses on schools in Afghanistan and Mozambique, with accounts by young casualties, descriptions of a mine-clearer's work (getting paid about pound;20 a week in local currency) and offers a chance for pupils to send e-mails to experts.

As the Web site explains, despite high-profile international campaigns against the use of landmines, the laying of minefields has continued, with more than 110 million currently in place, blowing up an estimated 2,000 civilians each month. Cheap to lay (costing only a few pounds), anti-personnel mines pose a threat for decades after their original purpose has elapsed.

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