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ORANGUTAN CAM. www.discovery.comcamsorangorangmain.html

This site, part of the Discovery Channel's Internet service, has a link to cameras filming a family of orang-utans in the ape house of a zoo in Washington DC, giving online visitors a chance to see live images of these primates.

The animals are filmed by four cameras, but as these are live snapshots and there are parts of the ape house which are out of range of the cameras, you might not see much. These are still images rather than proper video, so for a more immediate view you have to click on a "refresh image" button.

The Discovery Channel also has a camera in a zoo in San Diego, California, observing a pair of pandas. Given the time difference, it's likely to be night-time when British schools visit, so you might have to be content with a collection of images of the pandas playing. On the same site you can see a killer whale that lives in a two million gallon tank of water in Oregon.

THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. www.abcnews.comsectionuscubacuba_index.html

In October 1962, nuclear brinkmanship between the United States and the Soviet Union, over the deployment of missiles in Cuba, threatened to turn the Cold War very hot indeed.

This site, produced by American broadcaster ABC, provides an accessible, well-illustrated account of the confrontation. There is a chronology of the key fortnight, with the narration supplemented by transcripts of President Kennedy's private debates with his advisers and video clips of his public announcements. There's also a guide to the significant players in the drama and a glossary of the Cold War.

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