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Sites for sore eyes

Great for maths, physics and English revision. The material is very clear With a step-by-step approach, gradually getting more detailed. Content includes practice tests, a glossary, jokes and some very good revision tips. There are plans to extend the range of subjects offered.


Contains sample essays, documents and pieces of coursework covering many subjects. Students may find it helpful to read some of these as part of their revision plans.

BBC Bitesize

One of the most popular revision sites, due both to the scope of coverage and the wide variety of multi-media activities provided. Seventeen subjects are covered, with information on the topics, revision opportunities and online testing. There is also a link to SOS teacher for revision and homework help, a message board for coursework help and a set of hangman games relating to a choice of 10 subjects. Questions can be downloaded to a mobile phone.

GCSE Forums

This is a series of moderated chat forums in which students can discuss coursework, revision or join one of the many subject-specific chat groups.

Pupils ask each other questions, provide advice or just get things off their chest. There is also a zone in which to discuss results and a highly popular general zone with more than 800 posted messages, covering over 80 topics. Project GCSE

Twelve subjects are available in arts and science, including food technology and French.

More revision sites

Syllabus check

It is also worth looking at the exam syllabus. The following list covers most of the boards:

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