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Sites Worth Visiting

* Welford and Wickham Primary School * The Bradford Schools Telescope Projecthttp:www.telescope.orgrtinuffield * The Educational Space Simulations Project http:chico.rice.eduarmadilloSimulationsMars Projectmars.html

* The Poetry Society Poetry,

* Hyperizons Hypertext literature and criticism.http:www.edumshumatehyperfic.html * The * NASA Links tothe American space * Netfrog An interactive frog dissection.http:curry.edschool.Virginia.EDUinsttechfrog * The People's Plague Superb account of fight against tuberculosisin the USAhttp:www.pbs.orgppol

* The Liberal Democrats Home page * The Conservative Party Home page * The Labour Party Home page Party * The Natural History Museum * Eureka Children's MuseumFor children up tothe age of 12. More than 350 interactiveexhibits. * Egyptology Home Page * Children's literature Web guide Guide to books and magazineshttp:www.ucalgary.cadkbrownindex.html * ShakespeareThe complete works with a facility tosearch for keywordsin any of the * Web Museum Paris This site has200,000 visitors per week and has ahuge collection of images and articleson painting.http:sunsite.unc.edulouvre

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