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Pyramids Online: the inside story. www.pbs.orgwgbhnova pyramid.

This ambitious resource from US broadcaster WGBH invites users to explore the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as its two smaller neighbours and the Sphinx.

Exemplary use of QuickTime video enables you to follow the funerary routes right to heart of the pyramids, and even to nose around in the King's Chamber.

Excellent photography is coupled with pages of history, statistics and interviews with archaeologists. Teachers might find inspiration in the pyramid-related classroom activities, including the geometry of the structures and the meaning of hieroglyphics.

Wall of Peace.

The Wall of Peace started as a fourth-year exercise at Mount Gilbert College, north Belfast, in 1995, and has grown into a multimedia, cross-community phenomenon involving other schools and world leaders.

The idea was simple - ask famous people to send in ideas and favourite poetry with the aim of promoting peace in Northern Ireland.

The replies were mounted on a board, which grew into a wall, and then a website. And it continues to grow. More than 180 replies are here, including apologies and refusals.

They make fascinating reading, even when the responses - such as Ian Paisley's grumble - are predictable.

As for the poetry - well, apart from the Bible, the top choice seems to be W B Yeats's "Lake Isle of Innisfree".

Bill Hicks

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