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Size of packet not what counts

The article on the shortage of male teachers ("Endangered: Male Species", TES magazine, November 10) seems to focus on the size of the wage packet and fails to mention one very crucial factor: on the whole, men are slightly more rebellious than women and less likely to accept a straitjacketed approach.

As a member of the endangered species, I can truly say that I love my job and cannot think of any other that would be as fun or rewarding. I am, however, very sceptical about the narrow way in which a school's success is now measured and the plethora of tracking grids and assessment ladders that accompanies this. This, together with some of the more restrictive health and safety regulations, means that many very able men simply feel too constrained, which is a great loss to the profession.

Job satisfaction means more to most people than simply the size of their wage packet.

David Grundy

King's Lynn


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