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Skills for Life database gives lecturers ideas to try

The skills for Life core curriculum for adults has gone online, replacing dusty volumes with a flexible database designed to make life easier for teachers and trainers.

It has been digitised and added to the Excellence Gateway site, allowing teachers to find information on literacy, numeracy, English for speakers of other languages and the pre-entry framework. There are tips to improve their teaching and examples of best practice, plus links to research and teaching materials.

The gateway, which is run by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service, also allows staff to exchange ideas and ask questions in online forums.

Margaret Bennett, LSIS communications and research director, said: "This gives practitioners both the `what' to teach and the `how' to teach it. It makes the curriculum more accessible and easier to manage. The tools lets you know where you are in covering the curriculum and allows providers to share experiences and upload their own material."

The site also hosts the Ofsted good practice guide, which includes case studies of real inspections that teachers can learn from.

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