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Skipping games come to a halt

If you are worried about children spending their afternoons in front of the TV and becoming less creative, your fears may be confirmed by a recent study on children's playground activities.

The survey - conducted by Robinson's Fruit Shoot - found that traditional playground games such as conkers and skipping are dying out. According to the report, children take part in far fewer games than previous generations. Of more than 4,000 parents who had taken part in the survey, 94 per cent of mothers had skipped "often" as girls, while only 24 per cent of today's generation of girls said the same.

The survey also shows that 74 per cent of parents fear that the overuse of computer consoles and games could restrict children from developing social skills. Presumably this is good news for the drinks company, however, as it's easier to drink while playing computer games than climbing a tree.

Emma Kenny, a child psychologist, says: "Traditional children's play activities such as hopscotch, climbing trees or playing tag provide learning experiences based on imagination."

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