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Small primaries hit by McCrone shake-up

Headships in small primaries are becoming more difficult to fill because of the post-McCrone national agreement.

Clackmannanshire this week points out that a traditional route into management from class teacher to head of a small primary and then on to a larger primary has been blocked by the job-sizing agreement on promoted posts.

Recent vacancies in small primaries have had to be readvertised because of lack of interest.

Salaries of a depute head may be higher or similar to a head in a small school where there is also likely to be a teaching commitment. The authority has yet to remove heads' classroom duties in small schools because of the extra costs involved.

In keeping with other councils, Clackmannanshire admits that it is finding it difficult to attract teachers to posts in home economics, English, mathematics, sciences and social subjects.

But the main concern continues to be the shortage of supply cover in both primary and secondary sectors. In a typical early session week, the council had nine long-term absences in secondary, 1.5 of which were unfilled, while there were five long-term absences in primary, two of which were unfilled.

After the October break, a further 4.5 long-term supply teachers will be needed.

Two long-term vacancies for history teachers have yet to be filled.

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