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A small victory in the war on academisation

Being a natural optimist I warmed to shadow education secretary Andy Burnham after reading your interview with him ("Burnham pledges to cast shadow over the new breed of academies", October 15).

However, it was his government who introduced academies into our world. And there is no real difference between old academies and new ones. Neither has any form of educational philosophy. Both are really defined by their management being after more money.

The only real difference between "failing" and "outstanding" schools is where and who they educate.

Academisation has trashed our education system in Leeds. Even the Co-op has weighed in as an academy sponsor against the wishes of parents, and staff and governors.

But we had one victory: City of Leeds School has successfully fought off firstly academisation, and then a threat of closure.

Those who wanted to shut the school were hoisted by their own petard: the snap Ofsted inspection they triggered to rubbish us, praised us instead.

Victoria Jaquiss, Music teacher, anti-academies campaigner and blogger, Leeds.

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