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Smooth operator

Like its near namesake, the V2, the Samsung V20 has plenty of power to get you airborne. Design wise, it has the edge over many laptops in the same price range. Its rounded edges and metallic finish make it less of a handful than those laptops with sharp corners and grooves in matt-black plastic. The various features and sockets are quicker to find with this finish.

This laptop's not just cool in appearance, though - with "advanced cooling technology" it won't burn your lap either.

With an Intel Celeron 1.7GHz processor and 256Mb RAM as standard it has plenty of poke, a 20Gb hard disk and an external floppy drive.

Samsung has its own screen technology - "wise-view" - for these machines and the images are really rigid and sharp.

The V20 we tested was the entry-level model without the DVDCD burners that are available on the more expensive models in the series. The pound;30 difference in price is definitely worth paying In terms of a laptop that is a pleasure to use - and costs less than a grand - the V20 could be a high flyer.

Steve Place

Samsung V20

Intel Celeron 1.7GHz processor, 256Mb RAM, 20Gb hard drive, 14.1 XGA LCD screen. Price: pound;996.

Stone Computers. Tel: 01785 812100.

Fitness for purpose 5

Ease of use 4

Features 4

Quality 5

Value for money 4

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