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Smugness should not win prizes

Your September 18 entry in the My Worst Parent series (The TES Magazine) was quite astounding. Why on earth did you award a prize to this teacher for referring with disdain to "Auntie ..." who had "... read a book about dyslexia" and referring smugly to having fobbed off poor Martyn with the meaningless term "dyslexic tendencies"?

The teacher and her school were apparently more concerned with the trendiness of the child's clothes than his learning profile and, once the mother was hospitalised and the child in care, things were really looking up! Great!

And what of Martyn now, I wonder? Perhaps, if he eventually found a good school that assessed him properly and met his needs, he might be a brain surgeon after all.

Jennie Murray, SpLD specialist teacherassessor, Newcastle, Staffordshire.

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