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(Photograph) - A week in the life of The Trinity School, Nottingham

The Trinity School is full of music. And it comes from the top: head Bernard Bonner has promised that every one of the school's 950 pupils will learn an instrument. There's an orchestra for each school year, plus separate orchestras for the lower and upper schools. On top of that there's a gospel choir, jazz group and flute ensemble. But there's more than music-making going on. Exam results are on the up: in 1987, 17 per cent of candidates gained five or more higher-grade GCSEs. By 1997 this had soared to 67 per cent. There's plenty of sport, too. Trinity is known for its football team, and the girls in its cross-country squad represented the city in the mini-marathon run alongside the recent London Marathon. It seems the only blot for the 11-18 Catholic school is its split-site. "Not ideal," says deputy head Gerry McMahon.

* Stretch and go: Glen Lumsden of Year 8 * Pupils brave the road which subdivides the Trinity site * Words for the wise: a corridor display in the upper school * Practice makes perfect: Year 7 boys at choir rehearsal * Head Bernard Bonner works out details for the prizegiving * One of the school's orchestras at a prizegiving in the city's Albert Hall * Drill majorette: Anabel Rooksby in Year 12 Damp;T * Future pointers: sixth-form girl's netball shooting practice SNAPS BY GERRY MCMAHON

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