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A week in the life of Kendrick School, Reading

When headteacher Marsha Elms talks about the well-rounded Kendrick girl, she doesn't mean the large variety. As pupils at the UK's top performing state school, her girls are accepted as clever. But Kendrick Girls School is more than an academic hot-house. The 687 pupils aged 11-18 indulge in a host of extra-curricular activities, from synchronised swimming and bridge, to Christian Union and the Islamic Club. Then there are the trips - skiing in the States, classics in Italy, Mediterranean cruises. Founded in 1877 with cash from the sale of a workhouse built by the Elizabethan wool merchant John Kendrick, the school can lay claim to several famous old girls, including Janet Reger, the lingerie queen, and the artist Beryl Cook, famed for all those pictures of well-rounded ladies.

If your school would like to appear in Snapshots, fax 'Friday' on 0171 782 3200 snaps by year 12 pupil Anna bosworth

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