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Snaps by Jacky Chapman

A day in the life of the Brit school, Croydon.

Any one of these young people could be a star of the future. They are all studying at the country's only city technology college devoted to the performing arts: the Brit school. They come to study dance, drama, music and film, and a host of supporting activities such as design, costume and make-up and technology. Former students include members of pop groups Morcheeba and Damage and boy band Another Level. Others have gone on to be dancers in Miss Saigon, television cameramen, DJs and members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. A typical example of the kind of oportunity the school offers is the masterclass, pictured here, given by English Shakespeare Company actor Charlie Simpson on how an actor brings his texts alive. The 750 students start either at 14 and take GCSEs with an additional nine hours a week of performance studies, or at 16 with 20 to 22 hours a week of their chosen art leading to an A-level and a BTec national diploma. To fit it all in, the school runs a five-term year. The school is funded partly by the British Record Industry Trust. Budding performers can find out more online at l See next week's TES for a profile of new principal Roger Durston.

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