(Photograph) - There's nothing like 15 minutes' exercise at the start of the day to wake everyone up. That's what pupils - and a number of parents and governors - at Cauldwell lower found out during Healthy Schools Week. The key stage 1 and 2 classes were led by acting head Judith Milne, who teaches maths and PE. "No one else was prepared to make such of fool of themselves," she jokes. But her classes were popular - one morning 30 extra adults turned up. The week marked the start of a national healthy schools campaign which all the neighbouring schools took part in. It included a travelling exhibition with models of parts of the body, a health bus and isits from a dietitian, a dentist and the police to talk about road safety. One morning breakfast was served after the exercise classes. "This is a socially deprived area and a lot of the children come to school with no breakfast. We also tried to show the children that there could be more of a choice than cereal and toast," said Miss Milne. The week was such a success that there were requests to repeat it next year. It is not the 200-pupil school's only success: Cauldwell was recently awarded the Investors in People standard, a national award given to organisations which pay particular attention to staff development.

Snaps by the staff

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