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A week in the life of Preston county primary school, Preston, Hull

Parents of children at this infant and junior school sit in on lessons for the first half-hour of every day, helping pupils with maths, handwriting and spelling. Headteacher Carol Stoney had the idea four years ago when she had to teach a reception class of 36 and realised she could do with some help. "It's gone on from there. It works very well," she says. A group of about three parents also regularly helps put together what the school calls "story sacks" - huge bags which they fill with anything that might help a story come alive, such as maps, puppets or tapes. The school of 180 prides itself on its Christmas productions, which for the past three years have been written and produced by teacher Andrew Jowett (who also designed the school's website). Last year it put on The Quest for the Golden Sword, which involved 11 children, some of whom painted the huge backdrop for all the scenes. The infants also put on two plays, Baboushka and The Little Angel. "They were very popular. The hall was packed out," says Mrs Stoney.

Snaps by the staff

* Easy as A B C: nursery nurse Jane Hebden reading with Thomas Goodison, aged five

* Cordon bleu: kitchen staff serve up another tasty lunch Part of the playground built by parents. This summer's project will be to add a wildlife area

* Hi! : Year 1 in PE. Climbing and other equipment was bought by friends of the school and local businesses

* Book in: Zoe Ellis, Thomas Clark, Alexandra Rookyard, Antony Grantham and Alisha Dobson

* Lunch: from left, Bethaney Hood, Charlotte Wilson, Samantha Richardson, Kirstie Hunter and Jade Ward

* A table for three, please: happy diners

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