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(Photograph) - A week in the life of Turney special school,West Dulwich, London borough of Lambeth

Parents and teachers at Turney special school have been campaigning to keep it an all-age school for five to 16-year-olds. The education authority, Lambeth, wants to change it to either a primary or secondary but parents and teachers say the pupils, who have a range of learning difficulties, speech and communication disorders and non-aggressive autism, are better off with continuity, provided by having the same staff and surroundings and no upheaval at 11. Parents have organised petitions and have written to Tony Blair and David Blunkett to get backing for their campaign. So far, Lambeth has agreed to review its plans and a final decision has been deferred until September next year. The school, headed by Mrs Jenny Davis, has 156 pupils and a teaching staff of 19 which gives the children small classes of up to only 12. Their curriculum includes music (a steel band), art, physiotherapy and Shakespeare.

A brush with fame: Natalie (Yr4) in art therapy.

The finishing touch: Veronique (Yr10) in arts and crafts

Stephen and Thomas practise for the school's steel band.

Happy hour: Year 3 study a big book in their literacy hour

Ibrahim (Yr6) admires his glass painted parrot

Title fight: Kerry and Fabio of Year 4 share a book

Hats you win: Shazia (Yr2) and Shanice (Yr1)

Framed: Bertie enjoys the outdoor adventure playground

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