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A week in the life of Grosvenor Park primary school, Morecambe, Lancashire.

Strong community links are a theme of this school. They start with visits to the FE college just across the road where pupils make use of the carpentry workshop and construction trades department. A local company supplied the stage smoke for the witches scenes in the school's production of Macbeth and a church runs an after-school club called Jam - Jesus and Me. Trainee nursery nurses come from the FE college for practical work and teacher training students come from St Martin's college, affiliated to Lancaster University. The 285 pupils are taught by 10 staff - and, unusually, two of the infant teachers are men. One, Philip Maudsley, who also runs the after-school drama club, says the children "really rose to the challenge" o putting on Macbeth. Their next challenge will be a production of Animal Farm, which will offer plenty of parts for the nearly 40 pupils who attend the club. There are also after-school netball and football clubs and lunch time computer (the school has 15 laptops which it tries to use throughout the curriculum), reading and recorder clubs.

Snaps by Philip Maudsley

Hang on to your hard hats: Year 2 learn how to mix cement.

Hit it! Kirsty Mudd wields the hammer.

Pond dipping at Heysham nature reserve.

Is this a dagger? School performance of the Scottish play.

Reception class make the most of the sunshine.

Scott Sharpe gets taken for a ride

How many legs? Year 1 take a close look at mini-beasts

Baa! Reception children meet sheep on a trip to a local farm

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