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A day in the life of Erith school, Bexley

The worlds of art and science collided when a mixed group of A-level art and biology pupils from Erith school attended a workshop that took an offbeat look at the workings of the brain.

The event, a collaboration between artist Seran Kubisa and scientist Matt Cuttle, encouraged pupils to investigate brain function and make visual interpretations of the normally unseen inner space between our ears.

Head of art Emma Bayram says art at the school, which plans to apply for science and technology college status, is a low priority, and suffers from a lack of quality materials, so when the students saw the acrylic paints and other materials they would be using, "they thought it was Christmas".

She says the artist's work, which turned the grey matter into some vividly colourful images, was amazing, and the science part of the event, which involved short-term memory tests and expert presentations, "riveting".

The morning was given over to the science events and some rapid sketching sessions, and in the afternoon students had the chance to develop their sketches into paintings or to make installations using science equipment.

Ms Bayram says she was looking forward to getting inside the heads of her students to see if the minds of the budding artists and scientists worked in different ways. But in the end "everyone enjoyed getting their creative sides out , and you really couldn't tell the difference between the two groups' work".

Perhaps, after all, such distinctions are all in the mind.

Pictures by Russell Sach

Frayed knot:Chris with nerve endings

Inner spaces: Seran Kubisa explains

Object lesson: Sara takes a 10-second memory test with Matt Cuttle

On the right track: investigating neural pathways

Quick on the draw: rapid sketches on communication

Circle time: Carly hits the target

Pink link: the path from retina to brain

String thing: Kaysha makes a brain cell

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