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(Photograph) - A fortnight in the life of Hodgson High School Technology College, Lancashire

All life is here. Or at least the parts which involve work. Every year about 200 15 and 16-year-olds from Hodgson high on the outskirts of Blackpool leave the classroom for a fortnight's work experience. Many find placements through family and friends. This year one girl went to Scottish National Ballet and another to BBC Bristol. The school's links with British Aerospace ensure jobs for many in the company's two or three plants in the area. At the end of the fortnight, photographs recording what they've done go on display in the entrance hall for all 1,100 pupils to see. Senior teacher Bill Allison says the experience changes many: "A lot are very apprehensive at first but when they come back they've grown in stature. It's a grow-bag for confidence. You can see it in the photographs."

snaps by the staff

** Swing time: Darren Burnell sells golfing equipment, ** High there! Gemma Eastwood (zoo), ** Paul Carson on a children's farm, ** Katie Burrows helps at a nursery, ** Little koi pool: Chris Ainsworth. ** One for the file: Sarah Skeer at Morvern Nursing home ** Below right: Naomi Crouch on the line at a solicitor's


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