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Snob snub

It's not often a piece of research brings a smile to the face, particularly not after burrowing deep into a publication entitled Policy and Practice: Studies of the FE Sector (Volume 2).

A project undertaken by two lecturers from Perth College, on how colleagues could become "reflective practitioners", unearthed one particularly robust reflection.

"Reflective practice is about . . . well, part of it's about academic snobbery.I think part of it is fostered by academics, and quite honestly those people who behave as if they were at the high bloody table at Balliol should wake up to the fact that they're in an FE college, and if they were that wonderfully academically distinguished why aren't they at the high table at Balliol and - stop it!"

Staff are certainly up against it in that anonymous college. He or she is a staff development officer.

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