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So much invested for so little reward

In company with more than 500 other graduates, I have just been told that I have not secured a place on the graduate teacher training programme. I was given this information on condition that I did not get upset, because the woman at the Teacher Training Agency had "had a really bad day, as everyone was getting so upset". She shouldn't be surprised. I have spent three years obtaining a 2.1 degree in Englishhistory, have secured a place at a superb school with supportive staff who have jumped through hoops to produce training plans and programmes. I can reapply in January but will go into the pot with new applicants and therefore have less chance of success.

It is comforting to know that the recent lengthy (and expensive) advertising campaigns have been so successful in encouraging many to seek a career in teaching - it would be money better spent if the Government funded places for all suitable applicants. During the recent election, Labour made much of its intention to increase teacher numbers. Today's actions show this promise to be a huge sham.

How many of those rejected today will seek a career elsewhere or leave for countries where their qualifications and enthusiasm will be appreciated?

Kaye Soulsby,

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