So, what is education for?

Education should provide ways in which a child can tune into what it actually feels like to learn, that mental and physical inner vibration that goes on when something is being fathomed or made sense of. It's when true and personal learning is happening. Without it, the game is simply who can remember the most for a prize called GSCE - and kids have no real sense of what they are learning for. The price of disengagement thereafter is potentially colossal and life- defining.

Education has a responsibility not to let a single child leave school without a clear idea of where their gift or skill lies and some tangible experience and a defined forward path of how to develop it. The argumentative child may, if nurtured, turn out to be a great debater; the truant who is more interested in outside life may be a frustrated entrepreneur, and the child who flourishes at home but not in school may be gifted in ways the current curriculum can't cater for.

I believe it is shortness of quality teaching time that deprives most children of how wonderful fathoming and learning can be for the spirit, even for the soul.

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