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SwitchIt! Hygiene. Inclusive Technology CD-Rom. pound;45 (single user)

As the title suggests, this program is for teaching hygiene, particularly to young people with learning difficulties, whether in mainstream or special schools. It will be helpful for a much wider audience than just switch users, most usefully as a tool to stimulate discussion, rather than as a standalone activity.

There are three sorts of activities: stories, flash cards and picture building. Each covers various aspects of cleaning, grooming and preening, such as showering or brushing hair.

The stories move through a sequence of events (for example, having bad breath, cleaning teeth, getting a kiss). Picture building creates an image in a number of steps, and the flash cards show a graphic then say its name.

Throughout there is good sound and simple animations to help keep students involved.

The graphics are clear, the messages straightforward and the presentation will keep students clicking; altogether it's a useful tool.

John Galloway

Advisory teacher for ICTSEN, Tower Hamlets

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