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ABC-CD - TALKING ANIMATED ALPHABET SPECIAL EDITION. Sherston Software. Pounds 44.95 (single user).

01666 843200

New features aim to make this classic literacy tool more accessible to children with special needs. The interface is intuitive, well-laid out and all looks very familiar until you access the teacher's options.

As well as setting the difficulty level, volume, number of turns and so on, you also have control over adding exit strokes to letters, opting for some, or all, of the alphabet.

For additional support there is a switchspacebar option. You can set the scanning speed between one and 20 seconds, and in one of six colours.

Alternatively, you can choose one of four cursor sizes in one of six colours. You can also turn off the white background. All of these features allow you to match the activities to individual children's needs: matching letter sounds, shapes, or names.

For interactive whiteboard users the demo option is an excellent introduction to the program. It has a good choice of letter narration and support for a whole class or small group, although this is not available when the switch option has been chosen.

Overall, this is a program that has definitely been enhanced by the new additions.

Pam Turnbull

ICT coordinator, Heys primary school, Ashton under Lyne

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