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Software and Websites

Crocodile Physics

Simulation software which enables students to conduct on-screen experiments in electricity, electronics, optics, mechanics, kinematics and sound. Mr Jones says: "I use it extensively for electronics and it is outstanding. Whenever we are going to build an electronics project, it is vital that the boys build their circuits in Crocodile Physics first. It is obvious that they understand much more about electronics when they see a circuit working on screen. They can also generate graphs, which they print and stick in their books."

pound;190 from Crocodile Clips Tel: 0131 226 1511

ASA-level physics links (Edexcel)

Provides more than 250 links to physics resources on the web: simulations, video clips, glossaries, online textbooks, self-paced tests and support notes.

Mr Jones's verdict: "Brilliant - it is very comprehensive, and many of the resources can easily be used for GCSE physics." The site is maintained by Peter Goulton of Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College.

Java Applets on physics

More than 40 simulations which demonstrate key principles of physics. Covers mechanics, oscillations and waves, electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, physics of atoms and nuclear physics. The site also includes astronomy and maths simulations. Mr Jones says:

"Excellent site - I am using it at the moment with the sixth form, for simple harmonic motion."

http:home.a-city.dewalter.fendtphephe.htm When his students are working on investigations, Mr Jones prefers not to recommend websites for research: "I want to be able to give them full credit for their work. When they come to me with a set of predicted results for the resistance investigation, I want to be satisfied they have found the equation and researched the science themselves."

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