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Solace in the pink room

UPSET students at Flegg high school know they can get confidential advice from other pupils if they visit the Pink Room.

Fellow pupils are on hand every break-time in the room, which is painted pink, and is in a quieter part of the school.

The scheme, at the school in Martham, Norfolk, was held up as a model of how to tackle bullying by inspectors this week.

Students of any age who succesfully apply to become peer supporters take a day-long course with the charity ChildLine.

Kate Grimmer, 14, is one of nine peer supporters who are considered so professional they are regularly sent to other schools to train their pupils.

She said that bullying appeared to have reduced since the scheme was launched three years ago, and that her friends understood she could not reveal anything about her clients.

Other systems the school uses to deter bullies include an annual inter-house competition where pupils put on plays about bullying and regular patrols by teachers and prefects of "bullying hot-spots" such as toilets.

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