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Sole Sisters will be under the moon

What with the Festival and all those students, the burghers of Edinburgh are probably used to strange nocturnal apparitions. But even they may blink when nearly 8,000 women (and a few men), wearing brightly-decorated bras, power-walk through their streets in the middle of the night on June 24.

Among those in the marathon-length charity Moonwalk will be 10 staff from Oakworth primary in Keighley, West Yorkshire. "We'll be going under the name of the Oakworth Sole Sisters," says Jeanette Osborne, a teaching assistant and a veteran of the Three Peaks Challenge. "We'll put pink footprints on our tracksuits and flashing lights on the bras."

Each Sole Sister has paid pound;40 to enter the event, sponsored by Playtex to fund breast cancer research. Each must raise at least pound;100 more. Will they stay on to carouse after they stagger across the finish line? "If we're still awake," says Ms Osborne.

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