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Some accounting for taste

The photographs in A Child's Guide to Tropical Foods look good enough to eat. Twelve fruits and vegetables - familiar items such as bananas and pineapples together with some lesser-known ones, including cho-cho and ugli - sit appetisingly on the left-hand pages, with information on taste, texture and nutritional content clearly set out below them. Recipes are opposite, and range from sweet potato muffins to yam cakes. A companion volume, A Guide to African Caribbean Foods, takes us from A (ackee) to Z (zaboca) via H (hog plum) and N (naseberry). It's enough to send key stage 2 readers straight to the nearest market. A Child's Guide to Tropical Foods (pound;3.99) and A Guide to African Caribbean Foods (pound;5.99) are available from BIS Publications, PO Box 14918, London N17 8WJ.

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