Some still value experience

I write in response to the letter last week "Will I ever get another job?"

(TES, August 18).

I resigned my post as head of a modern lanaguages department three years ago to take some time out. I travelled, taught English as a foreign language and began learning Spanish. In the past two years, I have applied for some 30 posts, yet whenever I got to interview stage for a permanent job I was unsuccessful and often a newly-qualified teacher was appointed.

It was frustrating to say the least to go through the interview process, show lessons and so on, only to lose out to a cheaper, less experienced teacher. I often thought that if parents could choose would they prefer me to the the NQT.

When interviewed for a fixed term however, I was offered the job. Possibly my experience was appreciated when temporarily replacing an established member of staff.

In July, I succeeded in getting a full-time post teaching French. I feel that my experiences in and out of teaching make me a better teacher. I also now know there are some heads who will appoint experienced, more expensive staff. Persevere and you will get a post.

Ian Green

91 Birkbeck Road

Beckenham, Kent

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