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Songs to praise

With apologies to the composers of "My Way" And now, the end is near.

The kids have crooned their final number.

Break was so much fun.

O, Lord, it used to be a bummer.

At Penyrheol school they sing - and everything is okey dokey

Because the head has topped the pops with karaoke.

J Lo and Britney Spears

And songs from Grease and S Club 7

Help raise their self-esteem

(Please read the piece on page 11).

It's groovy, say the kids, more up-to-date than hokey cokey.

They sing, in harmony, with karaoke.

And there were times, in days of yore

When break brought discord, was a bore.

Now schools have singing, they have dance!

Such things the afternoons enhance.

They take the risk; they play the disc

For karaoke!

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