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Sons of the east

The new boys on the education directors' block these days are emerging from the east. Gordon Jeyes, Stirling's mighty director of children's services, is standing down as general secretary of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland.

Must be an inspection looming or something.

The hotseat that comes with lots of additional hours is about to be filled by Edinburgh's depute director, Colin Dalrymple, the sweet-talking, laid-back official (must be someone else then? Ed) who has been fronting the city's public private partnership (PPP) machinations.

New vice-president is none other than Roy Jobson, Edinburgh's director.

Sandwiched in between next year is Jim Anderson, the new president from Angus. Presumably this is in the interests of administrative efficiency since Anderson only has to drop an S to take over from the current president, Fraser Sanderson, in Dumfries and Galloway.

To be president these days, it obviously helps to have a "son" in your surname.

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