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TOUT DROIT!. Cours avance: premiere partie (deuxieme edition). By Rod Hare and David Mort. Students' book pound;12.99 Teacher's book pound;40. Cassettes pound;50 plus VAT. John Murray

Tout Droit! has already established itself as a practical and motivating coursebook for post-16 French. The new edition offers an opportunity to revise and expand. A lot of extra material has been added, including two new units dealing with Les medias and La France metropolitaine.

The format is busy. Each unit is awash with illustrations, exercises and tips for learning. All very helpful, but the teacher will have to give careful guidance to find the best way through the units. They are amply supported by a resource book which gives unit details: linguistic objectives and student input.

Copymasters are provided as well as unit assessments, supplementary role plays, full tape transcripts and exercise solutions. The taped material is clear, lively and well integrated into each chapter. The new units are up-to-date and engaging, and link in with many exam board topics: la vie urbaie, la publicite .

Much of the work is based on GCSE-type exercises, making it an ideal bridging course. Texts, passages and recordings are also carefully pitched at a level that will make students feel confident about working with them and building on what they already know.

Colour-coded boxes refer students to background information, help with pronunciation and grammar explanation. A new section is added at the back dealing with study skills for advanced French. All four skills are covered along with useful strategies for getting the most out of examination exercises. Handy hints are listed for not panicking in the listening test and for how to break down a reading text.

Speaking is shown to be a matter of presentation and style as much as accuracy and argument. Checklists for - writing are a good complement. These strategies will be invaluable preparation for AS- level work and the Standard Grade.

Tout Droit! is an exciting proposition for anyone - teacher or student - intending to begin the new post-16 courses this September.

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