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My Year 5 children designed and made indoor habitats for various insects after half a term studying mini-beasts. All the insects survived their week and the day came to disassemble the habitats. Only the spider remained to be cleaned out and returned to the wild.

Andrew scooped up his furry friend and walked towards me.

"No," I yelled, as I'm none too fond of anything with more than four limbs. In surprise, he dropped the spider and then quickly ran to the stockroom, reappearing with the dustpan.

Good, I thought, he'll scoop it up - and then watched in horror as the pan crashed down and Andrew yelled with delight, "Got the bugger!" nancy lake We pay pound;30 for each Soundbitewe publish. Send yours, of about 200 words, to Jill Craven, TESFriday, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield,London E1 9XYFax: 0171 782 3200

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