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Soundbite;Parting Shots

It is lesson 2 in the dramatisation of Noah's Ark. Last week we cut, chopped, hammered and built the Ark. We were proud of our efforts and talked about it for days. Today we will be the animals boarding the Ark.

Warm-up is over, the introduction has been delivered and understood and the 30 short-and-tee-shirt-clad infants start crawling, slithering, jumping, flying and prowling their way aboard. Apart from Oliver - he just stands looking puzzled.

Trying not to get in the way of the snakes and lions, I make my way towards him. "Do you have a problem?" I ask.

"Miss, what does a meringue atang do? How does it move?" I suggest he chooses another animal.

Irene V McGinney

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