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* I'm a support teacher and was working with a small group during the literacy hour. One of the boys had finished his allotted tasks and, not wanting to disturb the class teacher, I suggested he continue reading the book which was on the table in front of him.

"Oh no Miss, I can't do that. This is the literacy hour; we're not allowed to read books."


* The staff at our large juniorinfant and nursery school worked long and hard on a skilfully scripted pantomime.

In best panto tradition, Cinderella was in drag. Thiswasn't just any old drag artist: this was the head, a man imposing enough to strike fear into the heart of any badly behaved junior when dressed in a suit and tie - but there he was, resplendent in a gorgeous cream, silk-beaded evening gown, blonde wig and high-heeled slippers. The clock struck midnight and Cinders fled the school hall, leaving a distraught Prince Charming (a senior mistress in drag)."She's gone," (s)he cried,"and I don't even know hername." "Yes you do," came as mall but clear voice. "It's Mr Stephens."


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