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The small group of Year 2 children were busy with their craft work. The irrepressible Chad was holding forth about his favourite TV programme, and asked my wife in class as a volunteer to what she thought of it. "We haven't got a television," she replied. Chad looked surprised, ruminated for a moment and then said: oWhat do you watch, then?


* It was Monday morning and my regular 10-minute oral maths slot was not going well. The question: "How would I make 80p?" was met with blank stares.

But then ... I could't believe my eyes. One boy who never answers questions was slowly raising his hand. "OK, how would I make 80p?" I asked again.

"With metal, Miss." MARIE WALKR.

* During the run-upto Christmas and in the middle of an Ofsted inspection, children in Year 1 were making mobiles for part of their art activity.

They were all busy starting work with their partners, when one of the inspectors asked a particularly streetwise child what they were making. The child replied without hesitation: "Phones."


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