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* A Year 6 class were on a tour of a Premiership football ground. Upon seeing a photo of the team from the Sixties, they noticed that their shirts didn't carry the club sponsor's logo - a TVvideo manufacturer. "Why do you think the club didn't have this on their shirts in those days?" the teacher asked. "Because they didn't have electric in those days," replied one boy.


* Helping in a school as a goernor, I was asked to listen to a Year 2 boy read. As we left the classroom, I realised the children had been learning about odd and even numbers. Keen to follow up the class teaching, I asked him whether he was on an odd or even-numbered page. "Both," came the prompt reply. He was on page 36.


* A student's question to me today: "When will the Ofsted infection be over?" CARLENE ALEXANDER.

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