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During a sex education class with Year 6 children I mentioned that in the past fathers had not been allowed to see their baby being born but that they were encouraged to be in the delivery room. One girl said her dad had been banned from the delivery room because he had "the Pringles".

I discovered later that he had been suffering from shingles.


* We were looking at a big book about Christianity in an RE lesson. One little girl suddenlyexclaimed that she knew "why they had to nail Jesus to the cross. It's because they didn't have any Sellotape in those days."


* It was the final of the Year 6 quiz and it was time for the last question... "Who was the Lady of the Lamp?" There was a strained silence, a pause, then the answer: "Florence... Florence... of Arabia."

I had visions of a nurse on a camel chasing Turkish soldiers across a desert.


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