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* Primary 1 and 2 were due to begin tennis coaching. At registration I told them they were getting something new that morning and invited them to guess what it might be. After guesses like "painting" and "show and tell", I asked one boy in Primary 1 what he thought we might be doing. His reply: "Making babies?" (The Primary 1 topic was babies.) STEVEN HOWIE

* From key stage 4 coursework on Macbeth: "The witches planned to meet Macbeth afer the Hurley-Burley battleI After they told him the predictions, Macbeth was in a state of two minds."

KEVIN FITZSIMONS * One of my 10-year-old pupils was writing on the pros and cons of whale hunting: "I think whales shouldn't be killed for their fat, oils and lipstick because a whale is a beautiful creature and it is cruel to kill them. How would you like it if a whale came up to you and shot you in the head?" PAULA HOLDEN

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