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Speaking out for librarians

I enjoyed reading your interview with Scotland's newly-appointed makar, Liz Lochhead (TESS, 11 March). One comment resonated louder to me than the rest: "Neither of us (Liz or Carol Ann Duffy) would be writers were it not for the library that we went to freely at school."

I hope those ill-advised headteachers and council leaders who have embarked on a concerted policy of closing school libraries, replacing professionally-qualified librarians with lower-qualified individuals (employed in term-time positions only), and slashing budgets for those librarians lucky enough to still be in position in their school library, were listening.

School libraries and professionally-qualified librarians are a vital part of the education system. When will the decision-makers in schools begin to realise this?

Duncan Wright, School Librarian of the Year 2010, Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh.

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