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Special needs

THE SCIENCE SPECIAL NEEDS SUPPLEMENT: Investigations for 11-16 Year-olds. Chemical Industry Education Centre, University of York. pound;10. Tel: 01904 432523.

This booklet contains resources that link to existing publications from the CIEC. Imaginative contexts provide stimuli for science investigations in areas that include colour and the absorption of radiation (Transporting Chocolate), packaging materials (Fragile Parcel) and floating and sinking (Shipwreck). These activities capitalise on the strengths of pupils, whether they have visualimpairment, severe learning difficulties or other special needs.

There are pupil sheets that may be copied, and these are also supplied on floppy disks as Word documents that can be customised.

Teacher's notes provide comprehensive advice on the tasks, lists of resources, links to the national curriculum and performance indicators for assessment.

Teachers aiming to meet the needs of pupils for whom success in science investigations is often highly limited will find much to inspire them and their pupils here.


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