Special needs - Milligan's message

Two Glasgow teachers have teamed up to write and illustrate a children's book where the main characters have a disability.

Shay Wilson and Edmere Mackie, who work part-time at Langlands School for primary-aged children with complex needs, were motivated by an increasing awareness of a lack of stories or books where the main characters had additional support needs.

The result was Meeting Milligan - a story about Jamie, who cannot walk, Shabana, who cannot speak, and Milligan, an alien from the planet Milgos, who comes to earth and learns about his new friends' disabilities.

Shay, who has been writing stories for children's magazines for several years, said: "We felt that there were not any children's story books in the curriculum which featured a main character with a disability. It was important to stress that just because you have a disability does not mean you can't help others. Our hope is that the book will help all children understand each other better."

Edmere, a retired art teacher who teaches art and craftwork, said: "This is the first time I have used my skills to illustrate a children's book."

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