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Special schools are just that

How well I understand Mary Dhonau's letter when she writes of her anguish about her son's special school being closed (TES, October 8).

My son attended mainstream school until he was 11. I knew there was no way he would cope in a large comprehensive school. I fought long and hard and eventually got him a place in Dean Hall special school. When he left mainstream school he was a nervous wreck but within a short time at special school he absolutely flourished.

When the Government say they want to give the same opportunity to every child they mistakenly think this will happen in mainstream school. How wrong can they be?

My son wasn't very good at football and was never picked to play in any matches at mainstream school. They should have been around to see his face when he represented his school in a tournament with other special schools.

This is where they get the opportunities, not in mainstream.

I am eternally grateful to Dean Hall for the wonderful opportunities they gave my son. He was fortunate enough to finish there before it closes next July and is now settled in a job, thanks to all the life skills he was taught there.

Wendy Wilding

Parent governor

Dean Hall special school

Forest of Dean


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